So Far, So Good

This is just a quick note.

I saw Cloverfield last night. It’s an interesting one to watch, once. I can say there is not an ounce of desire in my body to see it again, but it was interesting and mildly entertaining. The reason that so many people are going to see it is because of one man, J.J. Abrams. His name is attached to many projects at the moment, but the one that most interests me is…Star Trek.

I’ve been following every move that has been made, every casting, every leak, and every speculation and up to now I was feeling cautiously optimistic. The trailer that came attached to Cloverfield, well, it was just a masterpiece.

Spoiler Alert (Just in case you wanted to be surprised by the trailer, or something retarded like that.)

It beings with a welder, not wearing anything futuristic or science-fictiony, and slowly zooms out to a front view of the original 1701 that includes the unfinished nacelles and saucer section. The tags “The Future Begins” and “Under Construction” are included along with the sounds of old NASA radio communications and what unless I’m deeply mistaken is JFK talking about the Space Race. The two killer sound clips come towards the end of the trailer. The first is Leonard Nimoy performing the first line of the famous voiceover: “Space, the final frontier.” The second is the riff of the classic TOS theme song by Alexander Courage, in all it’s deep movie theatre sound goodness.

Head here for a better recap than mine along with a slightly extra-legal Youtube vid of the trailer: Here.

But trust me, you need to see this in theatres to get the full experience, I was downright giddy when it came on.

End Spoiler Alert

So, J.J. Abrams, you’ve got my attention and my backing, don’t fuck this up.


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